Our Story

When we created The SPORT Specialists inc. in 2000, we wanted to create a place where clients would receive our undivided attention, for the rehabilitation of their acute and chronic injuries. We also wanted to develop individualized exercise programs for our clients to help prevent any reoccurrences of their injury.  Come in and experience the difference our approach makes!

From the moment you walk into our studio, you will feel welcomed and taken care of.  We listen to your needs, whether it’s for therapy, fitness, or improving sports performance.

Our Approach

At The SPORT Specialists inc., we work as a team and therefore we help one another and sometimes even tag team to ensure we can provide the best care. Both forms of therapy: athletic therapy, and osteopathy, have their advantages and when used in conjunction, can decrease recovery time and get you back to work or your sport as quickly as possible.

We Are Different

Our Purpose

We are here to deliver health and happiness to your life.

Are you injured? Our highly qualified therapists, with years of experience, will be able to get you better, faster!

Looking to wake up after a game of golf and not be sore? We will provide you with the exercises and training that you need!

Are you looking to improve in a particular sport? Our therapists will not only work with you but with your own coaches (tennis, golf, ski, etc) to help you get more out of your activity!

Do you have a developing athlete in the family? Our reconditioning and sport-specific condition experts are the right choice for you!

What our clients think about us?

We believe in what we do, and we bring the very best we have to offer to our clients every day

Our Team

More than a mere group of individuals, we are a family

Peter Levidis

B.Sc., CAT(C), Athletic Therapist Co-Founder

Melanie Scrase

B.Sc., CAT(C), Athletic Therapist Co-Founder

Erica Cavallo

B.Sc., CAT(C), D.O.


Julia Legler

B.Sc., CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist

Xanthi Gazetis

D.O., B.Sc, CAT(C)


Benjamin Marceau

B.Sc. CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist

Marie Reine Guirguis

Massage Therapist

Kathryn Grzelak


Certified Athletic Therapist

Tania Bassila

Massage Therapist

Graham Rynbend

B.Sc., CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist