3 KEY Ski movement prep exercises
author Added by Peter Levidis, February 05, 2018

Top 3 warm-up exercises you should ALWAYS DO before hitting the slopes!

by: Katherine Reny, B.Sc., CAT(C)


Why should we warm up before skiing you say?

Just like any other sport, a long day of skiing or snowboarding can be demanding on the body and on our muscular system. So why don’t we warm-up before hitting the slopes?


A quick ski warm-up will help you


Activate stabilizing muscles
Prevent injury
Prepare your body to react quickly to an unstable surface
Prevent muscular tension and cramps
Promote hip mobility


So here is what you need to start your day off right:


1. Kneeling eccentric quad exercise, 10-15 reps:

Start in a tall kneeling position on a soft surface, top of your feet on the floor, brace your core and let your body fall back. You will feel a pull in the quads. Come back to start position and repeat.


2. Mini-band monster walks, 10 steps forward and back until fatigue:

Start with a mini-band around your knees in a ¼ squat position. Take a step forward at 45deg, keeping the elastic taught and staying low in your squat position.  Walk 10 steps forward and back until your glutes are burning.


3. Jump squat 90deg hip turns, 10 reps each side:

Start in a squat position, come up quickly and jump to turn your hips and feet 90deg without moving the torso. Jump back so that your feet and your torso face the same direction and repeat the squat and 90deg hip turn to the other side.


With those, you will be good to enjoy the few nice months of POW! 

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