Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the common questions we hear

You do therapy as well?

Absolutely. Our therapy team has all graduated from the Exercise Science Program at Concordia University and are licensed, Athletic Therapists and Osteopaths.

I am a little shy about being out in the open when visiting a therapy clinic.

This is not an issue as our therapy sessions are in private rooms and you will get our undivided attention when you are in a therapy session with us. We do not have the therapy tables out in the open and it is only one-to-one therapy sessions. If anything, sometimes, we double-team the client with another of our team members to get them better faster!

Why would I come to your studio?

We are a family run business and our mission is to enable and empower our members and clients to walk away with the ability to be self-sufficient with their physical activity. With 18 years of business under our belts, 2 studio expansions, we have great plans for promoting injury-free fitness with our clients, members, athletes in our community!

Where can I get more info from you?

Aside from our website, you can visit us on our social media pages for updated information and blogs. We have also co-authored our Best-Selling Book, “Get With The Program”, have been published in Best Health Magazine Canada numerous times, have had radio and newspaper articles published and you can see us getting involved in our many community charity events, from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to helping people warm up for their golf tournaments.

Do you have locker rooms?

Even better, the shower rooms are private shower rooms with great water pressure, towels, hair products and hair dryers for your convenience.

Can I just come in and train?

Unfortunately, no. We are a private training studio and we thrive on being able to supervise our members in their training programs. We set clear-cut, achievable goals so that they know that their plan is being followed and updated as they progress.

Who are your clients and members?

We have been fortunate enough to work with every walk of life, which always makes our work that much more interesting! We have been the therapy and strength team for the Clarke-Bjorn Sailing team for the 2012 London Summer Olympics, professional athletes, young athletes who are getting ready for their camps, golf pros and clients who would love to maintain their physical activity without feeling restricted because of pain or poor movements.

Why wait? Train with us!

To all our clients and members,

Un message francais suivra.

As per government mandate, our studio (both for therapy and training) is closed until April 13th.  

Please leave a message at 514 808-6728 and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and healthy throughout this crisis.  We will get through this together.

Your team,

The SPORT Specialists Inc.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++À tous nos clients et membres,

Conformément au mandat du gouvernement, notre studio est fermé jusqu’ au 13 avril 2020. 

Veuillez laisser un message au 514 808-6728 et nous vous répondrons dans les plus brefs délais.

Veuillez rester en sécurité et en bonne santé tout au long de cette crise.

Votre équipe,

Les specialistes du SPORT Inc

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We are happy to announce that we are now accepting bookings for online sessions which we will be issuing Athletic Therapy receipts via email!

The sessions will be 30-minute consultations on:

If you have any questions, or if you would like to connect with one of our therapists, contact us at

Show us how you are moving and we will make the necessary adjustments to keep you moving well and injury-free!

We love seeing everyone making the best of a sombre situation by working out at home when they can!


     Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que nous pouvons maintenant accepter les réservations pour des sessions en ligne pour lesquelles nous émettrons des reçus de thérapie du sport par courriel. Ces séances seront des consultations de 30 min sur:

Si vous avez des questions ou si vous voulez communiquer avec l’un de nos thérapeutes, contactez-nous à

Montrez-nous comment vous vous déplacez et nous ferons les ajustements nécessaires pour vous permettre de mieux bouger, sans blessure!

Nous aimons voir tout le monde tirer le meilleur parti d’une situation sombre en travaillant à la maison quand ils le peuvent!


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