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Fueling your Young Athletes
By: Robin Glance

Parents face many challenges when it comes to feeding their young athletes. Finding meals that simultaneously meet high demands, fit into loaded schedules and please picky tastes can seem like a daunting task!

Dynamic Warm-up: essential elements you need to optimize performance
By: Melanie Scrase & Peter Levidis

Stretching and warming up are often overlooked when embarking on an activity or sport. Knowing the basic principles of a dynamic warm up will help decrease your risks of injury and improve your performance. Join Athletic Therapists, Melanie Scrase and Peter Levidis for this interactive workshop

Performance Anxiety
By: Roxane Carrière

Having a better understanding of performance anxiety can guide parents and coaches in helping their young athletes deal with the pressure of competitive sports. Roxane Carrière, Mental Performance Specialist will be presenting a workshop on performance anxiety discussing reinforcement, feedback and motivation for parents who have children involved in different sports

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Since I've been a member at SPORT Specialists inc, I've gained 20 extra yards with my driver and I brought down my handicap from double digits to a single 8. Being fit has allowed me to play some really good golf (I now play to an 8 handicap)

Julie Gagnon
Julie Gagnon

As far as I'm concerned, you get a 5 in all categories!. Thanks for making me stronger, leaner, and fitter. I am on track to reach the proper level of fitness for my Ironman 70.3 and look forward to the balance of the journey. Of course, if you can get rid of Jacob's ladder, it would REALLY be appreciated.......

Jeff Freder
Jeff Freder