4 SIMPLE steps to a better swing!
4 SIMPLE steps to a better swing!
author Added by Peter Levidis, April 11, 2018

4 SIMPLE Steps to a Better Golf Swing


Would you like some OOMPH with that swing?


Joe #1: “I really hit that ball! 220 yards!


Joe #2: “Did you see my shot? An EASY 295 yards!”


Joe #1: “Seriously! What makes you so powerful?”


Joe #2: “I practiced the FOUR crucial steps that the professionals at The S.P.O.R.T. Specialists taught me!”


That’s right!  FOUR steps to a better golf swing!



You do not have to be Gumby in order to hit a golf ball nor do you have to practice contorting yourself in order to effectively hit the ball.  You need to ensure that you have adequate flexibility in your body for the sport.  Find your tight spots, and stretch them!  You do NOT have to stretch everything; just the muscles that are holding you back.



This does NOT mean that you stand on an unstable surface with your eyes closed juggling bowling pins lit on fire!  Stability means that the joint(s) has(have) the capacity to withstand forces in practically ALL ranges of motion.  Example: Your shoulders have to be stable at the top of the backswing and at the top of the follow through. 



Strength can only come once flexibility and stability have been established. Strengthen ONLY muscles that are weak!  If you can squat properly but cannot execute a proper lunge, why would I give you more squats in your exercise program?  Work on the weakness!



NOW we’re talkin’!  If you have shown proficiency in the previous 3 stages, you WILL hit that ball farther…maybe not 295 yards, but farther than ever before! And the BEST part: Less potential for injury!


Moral of the story:

You CANNOT effectively get away with just trying to outperform your buddies. Golf is a very technical sport.  It takes timing, hand-eye coordination, weight transfer, excellent posture at address with no mechanical breakdowns in form throughout the swing!  Therefore: stretch, stabilize, strengthen and reap the rewards!

Trusted by a ton of clients around Montreal

Very complete and comprehensive. The big game changer for me is the customized workouts and the personal attention - well done. Everyone is so fantastic!

Christie St. Amour
Christie St. Amour

Since I've been a member at SPORT Specialists inc, I've gained 20 extra yards with my driver and I brought down my handicap from double digits to a single 8. Being fit has allowed me to play some really good golf (I now play to an 8 handicap)

Julie Gagnon
Julie Gagnon